Outline Text Chapter 1

The Meaning of Miracles

A miracle is a change in perception, & a shortcut out of time — which does not really exist. If we believe we are deprived, then our perceptions are distorted. These distorted perceptions cover up our miracle impulses. When we project onto others, we actually imprison them.

Holiness can never be really hidden in darkness, but can you deceive yourself about it. Darkness is a lack of light as sin is lack of love. The mind chooses which to serve & it cannot serve two masters. Fear, or lack of love, must be replaced by forgiveness — because peace can only be found in forgiveness.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.

Abandon your errors & follow Jesus. All real pleasure comes from doing God’s Will. Revelation unites with you God, & suspends doubt & fear. Atonement undoes errors & uproots their source.

Spirit is in a state of grace forever.
Your reality is only spirit.
Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.

This is a course in mind training. The real purpose of the world is to correct unbelief of needs & scarcity. The body is useful & aids in learning to achieve real vision.

Healing is of God in the end. God is not partial. “Heaven & earth shall pass away” means that they will not continue to exist as separate states.


  • A curriculum of changing our thoughts from fear to love through forgiveness.
  • Make the body useful & correct unbelief.
  • Miracles workers decrease suffering.
  • Desire a sense of restfulness to find the quiet center in our minds.
  • Fear produces a state that does not exist.
  • We are just on a detour.
  • A jailer is not free.
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