Outline: ACIM Text


Family Tree Faces
We are connected at our roots.
  • Aims at thought reversal.
    • Perception is of the body.
    • Forgiveness reverses the thinking of the world.
    • When we forget our perceptions, we remember God.
  • Experience through application.
    • Apply not judge.
  • We each have an Internal Teacher.
    • Our minds are joined at the level of Christ Mind.
    • The Holy Spirit abides in each of us & corrects our perceptions via another point of view.
  • Special relationships are destructive & we seek to transform them into holy relationships.

Chapter 1 >

  1. The Meaning of Miracles
  2. The Separation & the Atonement
  3. The Innocent Perception
  4. The Illusions of the Ego
  5. Healing & Wholeness
  6. The Lessons of Love
  7. The Gifts of the Kingdom
  8. The Journey Back
  9. The Acceptance of the Atonement
  10. The Idols of Sickness
  11. God or the Ego
  12. The Holy Spirit’s Curriculum
  13. The Guiltless World
  14. Teaching for Truth
  15. The Holy Instant
  16. The Forgiveness of Illusions
  17. Forgiveness & Holy Relationship
  18. The Passing of the Dream
  19. The Attainment of Peace
  20. The Vision of Holiness
  21. Reason & Perception
  22. Salvation & the Holy Relationship
  23. The War Against Yourself
  24. The Goal of Specialness
  25. The Justice of God
  26. The Transition
  27. The Healing of the Dream
  28. The Undoing of Fear
  29. The Awakening
  30. The New Beginning
  31. The Final Vision
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