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No one could solve all the problems the world appears to hold.”

ego and knowledge concept
Einstein’s “ego equation”

Keep in mind that the ego is threatened by inner peace. The Course states that the ego analyzes, compares, & condemns. It designed a complicated thought system intended to trip us up to make mistakes, desperately look to it for help & depend on it for survival.

The ego collects what the Holy Spirit does not accept & buries it deeply into our sub-conscious. It assigns “keywords” to these “cutting room scraps” & unleashes them from our sub-conscious when these “keywords” are triggered by the outside world. The ego mind then projects these rejected scraps back to us to justify our anger, attack & separation from God.

That is why the material form of our lovelessness is irrelevant: it’s the content of the form that we want to recognize & replace with love. The form, the rejected scraps, — is just “bait” — symbols which tempt us to withhold love.

Look once again upon your enemy, the one you chose to hate instead of love. For thus was hatred born into the world…

The ego is not real — it is a metaphor that represents an image of ourselves, separated from Oneness.  It is insecure because it has no real power. To compensate, its tiny mad voice speaks first in any worldly situation — & not quietly like the Holy Spirit, but loudly so as to command our full attention & escalate our fear.

Stop following me
What we perceive outside is a shadow of what we hide from ourselves within.

This “fallen” world is not real: it is impossible to separate from Heaven. But beliefs are real to the believers. This world seems hyper-realistic to us, & just like a dream, we believe that what we see here is real. We experience illusions as real here.

The world is but a fact. We do not ignore or neglect this world because it is an illusion. We eat when we are hungry, sleep when we are tired, & consult professionals when we are not well.

In truth, if we intentionally neglect or harm ourselves, we are strengthening the illusion rather than relinquishing it. Anything other than fulfilling our function of happiness is a mistake. Everything we experience here, no matter how fleeting, seemingly irrelevant or grave, is an opportunity for us to exercise our free will & choose love.

God’s Answer is always some form of peace.”

The Course is a mind-retraining curriculum — it is a spiritual thought system, & does not give specific advice or instructions. You will be guided by your own Internal Teacher in any situation as it unfolds. We are to live our lives as we would normally would…but, faithfully, with a feeling of love in our hearts. To be content, we are to practice the content of The Course. In order to practice The Course, we must read & learn it for ourselves.

portrait of a girl.The dream is what it is. The point is not to deny it, but to happily detach from it. That is how we gently awaken from it.

Giving up our ego literally feel likes crucifixion.  But that is the only way we can resurrect.

The Course says that “all our past except its beauty is gone.” Love, joy, happiness & beauty are eternal. Only the love in any situation is real.

In my readings of The Course, I have found it to be consistent, logical & loving.

We are here learn how to generate love. Doing so heals us & the world.

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Seek not to answer but merely to receive the answer as it is given.”


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