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Peace will come to all who ask for it with real desire & sincerity of purpose.”

ACIM is a self-study spiritual thought system based on love. It heals perceptions & reduces suffering through theChristmas Star vk continuous practice of forgiveness.

Its goal is inner peace.

The Course has nothing to do with the physical world, circumstances or behavior. It is solely & single-mindedly spiritual psychotherapy.

We are here to correct our original mistake of choosing fear over love.

This is not a course in philosophical speculation, nor is it concerned with precise terminology. It is concerned only with the atonement, or the correction of perception.”

The Course does not seek to change the “fallen” world into Heaven. It seeks to heal the world through the healing of our minds. It reminds us that we have not fallen from grace, but merely fallen asleep.

It trains us to ask ourselves, in any worldly situation:

  • What am I contributing right now?
    • Am I thinking with the peace of God or the hostility of the ego?
    • Do I feel love in my heart?

The Course urges us to remember that our minds are powerful, creative, connected & for giving. We can always change our minds & choose again.

Peace is gained when we relinquish the ego thought system & choose to forgive.

 “To everyone I offer quietness, peace of mind & gentleness.”

Please see The Course’s “Preface” for:

I recommend reading The Course directly yourself, as well as the authors & material that inform my interpretation.

Be not content with littleness.”

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