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The ego mind is twisted & tortured. It thrives on chaos, conflict, scarcity, fear & distraction. It wants us to suffer.  For those who enjoy suffering, the ego is ideal.

What we “see” outside reflects what we “see” inside.

But for those who do not want to suffer, there is a better way. We can navigate our chaotic stream of consciousness to calmer perceptions. It’s simple.

It’s so simple, however, that our twisted & tortured minds can’t make sense of it.

Miraculously, in the 1960s, two psychologists put together a seemingly complicated thought system designed to help individuals uncover & reveal their own internal piece of Mind.

This space is for anyone who has suffered enough & wants to experience the world in a way that is truly meaningful & helpful to others.

To transform the world, we need to renew our minds. To be transformed by the renewal of our minds, we need space on earth.

On this clean slate let my true function be written for me.”

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