The Ego

Depositphotos_ego_flipped_redThe ego is our self-image…what we wish to be true about ourselves: separated from God, & completely on our own. It has been evolving (or devolving) in complexity since time began.

The ego speaks first & loudest. It analyzes rather than accepts. It only values what the Holy Spirit rejects.

It also tells us that the way we maintain our own innocence is to maintain the separation, hold somebody else responsible for it, & attack them for it.

So can we relinquish the ego entirely here? I don’t know. Our purpose is to forgive.

Focus on forgiveness rather than relinquishing what does not even really exist.

“You never hate your brother for his sins, but only for your own. Whatever form his sins appear to take, it but obscures the fact that you believe it to be yours, & therefore meriting a ‘just’ attack.”

Be aware of the ego mind — it is a learning device for while we are outside the gates of Heaven. It’s my SCUBA diving equipment. The only way I can explore the depths of the ocean is with SCUBA equipment. The only way I can explore this realm is via a body.

Welcoming the ego does not mean indulging it. It means recognizing it, & acknowledging its presence. Shake hands with it perhaps, but move on. Don’t take it seriously.


Say “hello” to the ego. Recognize it in your midst. Get thee behind me.

Remember to stay present. Forget the past, & focus on what you are creating right now. Forget a special love, & love everyone around you in the here & now instead. Practice loving everyone & you will have love. That is God’s Will.

See everything in your life not as real, but as a symbol. Everything can be an instrument for learning. We are here to learn forgiveness. That’s why we are here. Everything around you is an aspect of your consciousness. Be present & observe the symbols. What are you to learn from them? How can you use them for forgiveness? Who is my teacher?

img_3462See your brother as a mirror reflecting your beliefs back to you. We subliminally teach one another concepts. Our state of mind affects others & the situations in which we find ourselves. We also perceive these concepts. See through Christ Vision rather than ego eyes to perceive peace.

The ego is like a demon that possesses us. A demon is simply a wrong-minded thought. The bad news is that our minds are split into two minds, but the good news is that the right mind is still accessible to us.  All we have to do is make the decision for it.

The ego is insane.  Miraculously, we can be restored to sanity.Lost herself in everyday difficulties

Try not to blame people for their bad behavior…they are being directed by an ancient thought system of self-preservation that has evolved over the course of millennia long before they were ever born. It’s nothing personal, & they can’t help it. Pray for them to be set free of the demons that are holding their minds hostage. They don’t know what they’re doing.

I am surrounded by a buffer of peace, & everyone around me benefits from it. The crises I’ve overcome have qualified me to teach others how to move forward with an open heart.

We have two minds.   Seeing through the eyes brings the ego world into sharp definition. I want that to fade into the background & bring Christ world into focus. To detach from carnal mind, I must attach to Christ mind. How do I do that? How do I rise above the illusions that seem so real?


It’s all psychology. Psychology is invisible, but we all have it & are connected by it. Simply recall a lesson & conditions brighten. It’s been proven again & again. I want to dwell in that space.  What is my internal, non-verbal communication?

Lost herself in everyday difficultiesRelinquish the ego to gain freedom. How do we do that?  I love my personality…the avatar that represents me.  I don’t want to abandon it.

I am not my ego. I am the decision maker.  The ego wants me to identify with it…& forget the truth about myself.  But I am not a body…my body is an instrument.  Since I’m not physical, I cannot suffer.

How do we dwell in the House of the Lord? Remember the truth.  I am as God created me.  This world is evanescent…it is subjective to perception.  It is fleeting & ephemeral.  Just look at old photos.   Everybody thinks today will go on forever, & it never does.  What isn’t permanent isn’t real.  The ego is not permanent.

The ego wants us to be mindless & forget that we have a choice.  They alternate frequently.  They are in the same “voice,” except the Holy Spirit’s voice is softer.


The psychology of the ego began with a Big Bang, & parallels the evolution of humanity.  As creations of God, we are brilliant.  The ego is clever, & has figured out how to seemingly match our brilliancy with ever-complex yet meaningless distractions.

The self we made is not the Son of God.  This self does not really exist.  Anything it seems to think & do is meaningless.  It’s not good or bad, it’s just unreal.

The ego is the part of the mind that identifies with the dream. The body symbolizes the ego, & the two work together to prove that the world of pain & death is real. When your heart is broken, or your body is unwell, this is the body proving that the ego is real.


We are not our egos. Our ego may have sinned, but the Son of God, which is what I am, could never sin. Your ego may have made a mistake, but You are not guilty. This world is not real. It is a dream of sin.

We are quite literally a speck of dust in the Universe, originating from the stars themselves. We evolved into material form by bumping & knocking one another in our paths, or joining together for survival. In a sense, the Big Bang never ended: its consequences continue to expand outward. Whenever we think without love, we repeat what we preceded the original Big Bang. There’s no reason why to question why it happened, when we continually choose it again & again.

Uniting with a brother’s mind prevents the cause of sickness & perceived effects.”


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