Split Mind

Dreams are chaotic because they are governed by conflicting wishes.

In truth, we are of One Mind. But in this world, the Mind seems to be split between the ego mind, which is ruled by illusions, & Christ Mind, where truth abides.

The ego is a metaphor for the separation of God. It is an image of ourselves that we made up.

The body symbolizes the ego & our decision to dismember God.  When we identify as bodies, we are not in our right minds.  Oneness is restored when we remember we are as God created us.

Ontologically, we feel tremendous remorse for leaving God. In truth, however, the separation never happened. We did not leave Divine Mind, because a thought cannot leave its source.

This awareness of the split mind undoes the ego’s strategy of mindlessness.

A puzzle is incomplete if a single piece is missing.  The same is true with Divine Mind: it cannot be whole without each distinct piece of Mind.  You are essential to God’s plan for the salvation of the world.

We experience inner conflict because we think our mind is split. We try to balance God & the ego, but cannot serve two masters. Peace is gained, & our sanity restored, when we align our minds with God.

“Perception cannot obey two masters, each asking of different messages.”

“You will listen to madness or hear the truth.”

We continuously endure internal conflict between:

  • Energy or body;
  • Mind or brain;
  • Christ Self or ego self.

We must simply be willing to learn to recognize when we are in our wrong minds, & then choose to think with our right mind.

Miraculously, our right minds exist within us just as much as our wrong minds.  It’s up to us to simply choose between the two, which we can do at anytime.  However, we must be aware of which mind we are thinking.  Fear is a red flag: any thought stemming from fear, indicates we are out of our right minds.

Two Levels

The late Dr. Ken Wapnick clearly illustrates the two levels of mind on this page.

  1. Level One is Oneness…the realm of reason.
  2. Level Two is separation…the realm of perception.

Distinguishing between the two is easy: if we are in fear, we are guided by perception & not reason. What is reasonable is not frightening. Perception inverts reality upside & backwards — destabilizing us, & seeming to threaten what cannot be threatened.

Even the most saintly enlightened person is here because they are wounded, & fluctuates between the two levels of mind.

Separating us traumatized us.  We can repurpose our time here to heal the split mind, rather than be controlled by it.

In time, the split happened ancient millennia ago.  And in the time since the split, our original dissatisfaction with love has exponentially “evolved” into a multitude of feelings, such as:


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