What is a Miracle?


“Miracles are part of an interlocking chain of forgiveness which,
when completed, is the Atonement.”

Think Again

A miracle is not what you think.

Since the premise of ACIM is to reverse our thinking of the world, naturally ACIM’s definition of “miracle” is opposite of the world’s.

“Miracle” is commonly defined as a rare event that is inexplicable & special.  ACIM sees this worldly definition as “magical,” used by the ego mind to distract us from our continuous connection to Christ Mind.

In Truth, a miracle is to repent. And to repent is simply to think again. So changing our minds is a miracle. When we remember we are as God created, we change course & naturally think miraculously.

 “A miracle is a shift in perception…from the ego’s perspective to the Holy Spirit’s.” – Dr. Ken Wapnick

It’s a miracle when we change our self-talk & remember that any form of attack is actually a call for Love.

Miracles have been done through us despite us not understanding them.

Female head with a labyrinth

The miracle proceeds along these lines:

‘Perfect love casts out fear.
 If fear exists,
 Then there is not perfect love.’

Believe this and you will be free.”

Workbook Definitions for “Miracle”

“A miracle inverts perception which was upside down before, & ends the strange distortions…Now is perception open to the truth & forgiveness seen as justified.”  WB p. 473

The Miracle…

  • …is the witness that you have the peace of God in you.
  • …comes quietly to the mind that stops an…instant & is still.
  • …means that you have understood dreams are dreams.

Christ’s Vision is a miracle.  It is the source of all miracles.” – WB 159

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