“Father, I would not be insane today. I would not be afraid of love, nor seek for refuge in its opposite. For love can have no opposite. You are the Source of everything there is. And everything that is remains with You, and You with it.”


Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation. It is the single voice Creator & creation share; the song the Son sings to the Father.

Prayer is a way offered by the Holy Spirit to reach God. There are decisions to make 9A7CBCF7-D2ED-4C6C-B4DE-0B2FC9F7FC56here, & they must be made whether they be illusions or not.

My brother, I give you to the Holy Spirit…& choose your release.”

Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go, a quiet time of listening & loving.   It is a way of remembering your holiness.


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