ACIM Theory

Illusions are but forms. Their content is never true.”

According to ACIM, the world is an illusion — it is a dream & not real.  God is all there is &, in Truth, we are creative & powerful thoughts in His Mind.

A very long time ago, when All was One, a tiny mad idea tempted us: lovelessness.  Instead of laughing at this silly thought, we took it seriously, & asked God to grant us a special favor: let us rule our very own kingdom — apart from His.

God politely declined our insane request.

Mind BackgroundDissatisfied with His Will, we decided to go our own way & seek what God was hiding from us.

We wandered into temptation, lost our Mind &, with a big bang,  made space & time for the “opposite” of love:  fear. Like the Prodigal Son, we left our Father’s abundant, secure & comfortable Home.  We literally made up our own minds & abandoned Heaven for a “detour into fear.”

Weary from our lonely wandering, we fell asleep & dreamt of a world to hide us from God’s inevitable wrath for defying His Will, & to distract us from our regrettable choice to leave Heaven.

In time, the separation happened long ago…so long ago, it’s obliterated from our consciousness.  But in reality the separation never happened at all: Oneness cannot be divided & a thought cannot leave its Source.  God’s creations remain as God created.  We may perceive separation, but it’s all in our heads.

Our challenge is to become aware of our mistakes to choose to separate ourselves from God.  That is the “original sin.”  When we repeat our original sin of thinking without Love, we strengthen the separation & fall deeper asleep.

But like the Prodigal son, we can change our minds & return Home where we are joyously welcome.  This awareness & expression of free will are how we awaken from our deep sleep.

To “repent” is merely to “think again.”  We can repent & think with love instead of fear.

We reach peace of mind when we align our artificial intelligence with Divine Intelligence. This is how we unite with Oneness.

Instead of feeling guilty for our silly mistake or “original sin,” we can break free from its ancient pattern.  We do this by continuously repenting in the only time that is real: the present moment.

As God’s co-creators, we have free will.  If our thoughts are powerful enough to seemingly manifest a world apart from God, then they are powerful enough to reflect Love.

God is One:

Fear is nothing:

“The truly inspired are enlightened.”

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