• Forgiveness.
    • The way to remember God is by undoing guilt through the forgiveness of others.
  • Perception.
    • Projection makes perception.
  • Freedom.
  • The Holy Instant.
    • The past & future exist only in our imaginations.

Theme & Variation

The ego thought system seems to be our default setting. But we can manually override the default to a setting that brings us peace rather than suffering.

We are responsible for our thoughts. We continuously choose between two thought systems: one based on love, the other based on fear.

All we need to do is sincerely decide we want to think with love & remember our decision. The details are up to God.

Forgiveness is the switch that manually overrides the ego default setting from fear to love.

image_music_heartDr. Kenneth Wapnick, editor of The Course, observed that the Course is symphonic. The volumes share the same themes, just presented in variations so we can tune into the melody more deeply. We are joining a global, seemingly quiet & invisible, symphony. These are the musical notes and instruments we are learning & practicing.

And like an instrument or new language, we learn through immersion. We start where we are. Even if we feel foolish.

We keep practicing these concepts without judgment until one day it “clicks,” and we find ourselves naturally expressing love.

Once you get past ego & form, the content of the Course pops out like a scene in a “magic eye” image.

Outlines Introduction to ACIM ACIM Theory >


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